Customer Adopted Testimonials

 Testimonials from previous families  whom adopted our ikitty kittens

 Testimonials from 2009-2016 are in archives.

 Too many to mention but can provide if needed 

Julie Dover August 2019


Long Nguyen August 2019

Chad Andy

Rhonda Cook August 2019


Bella Faulkner Jully 2019

Winston Halmilton

Quian Meng June 2019


Sue Sims SOLD May 2019

Abbie May Show

Sara Clurk May 2019



Sold to Patricia January 2019

SOLD to Patricia from San Diego January 2019

Thank You!  Sandra

Jonah Bell

Beautiful Girl

SOLD December 2018

Sherrie & Chris February 2018 SOLD

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Valierie Richardson January 2018 SOLD

Hi Sandra,



Just wanted to let you know how Ralphie is doing.  He is so so sweet!  Very affectionate with me, my husband and my son.  Loves to be petted and scratched, very playful and I've never seen a kitty roll over as much as he does, what a character!  He seems very happy and adjusted to his new home.

Christian January 2018 Exotic Shorthair


Thank You! so much Sandra She is amazing cat very sweet and quite love her deposition. simply the BEST!!!

She is so beautiful !!

Jane Dec 2018 Exotid Shorthair Dominos

Thank You! Sandra We all love him he is the sweetest cat we have ever had .

Patrecia July 2017 Exotic Shorthair CFA SOLD

Magnificent Pedigree !!! , CFA Register, Champion Parent , GrandChampion Grandparents both , Regional Winner dad.. simply the TOP BEST!! at CFA

Brown Tabby- White Extreme Show Kitten Boy



Hi Sandra!!! The cat is absolutely perfect. Christian and I spend all day with him =) he's eating , sleeping, and going to the bathroom like a champ!!.  We definitely spoil him and he truly is the best cat I've ever had. We cuddle all day long =) .

Laura A Peters July 2017 Exotic Longhair SOLD

Blue Silver Tabby Show Boy

Laura A Peters July 2017 Exotic Longhair SOLD

Bi-Color Black and White Extreme Show Boy

Laura A Peters July 2017 Exotic Longhair SOLD

Black Smoke Extrme Show Girl

Kendl Feb 2017 (Exotic Shorthair ) SOLD

Sacramento, CA

Thank you soo much for letting us adopt Spencer and Cheetos . We love them very much and are spoil

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