How To Care For Your Pet

Welcoming your NEW Kitten/Cat home

 Welcoming a kitten or cat into your family and home. Congratulations!!

I hope the following information will make the transition to your home as smooth as possible.

What You will Need:

Cat litter box, litter and litter scoop (I use Tidy Cat extra hard clumping)
Food Dish. I would prefer that you use a high raise dish bowl - look at pics for description.
Water dish- high raise  or dispenser
Scratching post or platform (best buys are found on ebay under cat trees)

Cat Tree and or Cat perch.
Cat Food (kittens are eating Grain-Free dry food and Grain -free wet food)
along with a bit of wet food twice a day)

Food bowls, preferably metal or ceramic.

A comfortable, warm cat bed
Cat Toys
Squirt Bottle
Catnip/wheatgrass garden (optional)
Travel Carrier – If traveling to pick up your kitten a car travel carrier works great. it is large enough for a small litter pan and bed these are collapsible nylon crates that I have found similar ones in pet section and are basically 22″ long and 18″ wide.
I found one similar in Wal-Mart. You can carry the new arrival in and out of the car in this and never have to change carriers. it fits on the back seat of most vehicles